Object List:

1-wire Routines
1-wire device interface routines and demos. Low-level routines include network device search and CRC-8 calculation.
1.0 Cam Thompson 2006-07-18 7  
4D Systems uOLED-128-GMD1
Simple access to 4D Systems uOLED-128-GMD1 command set, Demo, Command Summary and video.
1.0 Steve McManus 2007-08-07 15
8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface Driver
This driver allows you to connect up to sixteen 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface chips together on a shared bus. Each 8255 has 24 configurable bidirectional io pins so for applications ...
1.0 Dennis Ferron 2006-11-27 965  
A/D LTC1298
This object supports the 2 channel LTC1298 sold by Parallax. Documentation is included in the source code. Best regards, Charlie
1.0 Charles Dixon 2007-06-10 202  
AD8803 Octal 8-Bit Trim DAC
Interface to the AD8803 Octal 8-Bit Trim DAC.
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2007-08-11 0  
ADC0834 Interface
Theses spin objects interface to a National Semiconductor ADC0834 4 channel, 8-bit serial I/O. This includes an example of a simulated Wind Direction Screen. Documentation is included in the object ...
1.0 Charles Dixon 2007-02-04 295  
ADC0838 Channel Debug
This series of objects is used to communicate with the ADC 0838 vis a serial interface. After one channel is read by the ADC, then the Propeller, it is sent ...
1.0 Bryan Kobe 2007-07-23 36  
ADS7822P Object V2.0 - AD interface
Ive gotten my assembly language version of my ADS7822P driver running this version will do up to approx. 100000 8 bit conversions per second while meeting the minimum timing requirements ...
2.0 William Henning 2007-02-14 540  
Atari Joystick Driver & Virtual NES Driver
Contains Atari Joystick Driver for VGA header as well as a Virtual NES driver for Hydra demos.
Includes build schematic for conversion adapter.
1.0 Jeff Ledger 2007-04-19 192  
Basic I2C Driver
This is a simple Spin I2C driver intended mostly for accessing I2C serial EEPROMs like the boot EEPROM. There are low level routines included that can be used to access ...
1.1 Michael Green 2007-03-15 1069  
BoeBotBasic is a modified version of FemtoBasic designed to run on a Protoboard on a BOE-BOT chassis. It supports the wheel servos and a PING bracket servo, a PING sensor, ...
1.0 Michael Green 2007-04-10 387  
BS2 Functions
General PBASIC functionality library, written in Spin, that mimics and extends many popular BS2 functions: COUNT, DEBUG, DEBUGIN, FREQOUT, PAUSE, PULSOUT, PULSIN, PWM, RCTIME, SEROUT, SERIN, SHIFTOUT, SHIFTIN.
Don't forget ...
1.3.5 Martin Hebel 2007-03-11 1173  
Provides clock timing functions to:
* Set clock mode/frequency at run-time using the same clock setting constants as with _CLKMODE,
* Pause execution in units of microseconds, ...
1.1 Jeff Martin (Parallax) 2006-11-27 878  
CMUCam Color Tracking
Impliments Middle Mass Color Tracking with the CMU Camera.
1.0 Joe Lucia 2007-05-22 6  
CMUCAM Serial Data Check
This program is used to check the communication to the CMUCAM tracking camera. It utilizes the PC Debug Object, but can be adapted to use the Full Duplex Serial or ...
1.0 Bryan Kobe 2007-08-06 181  
Coil Demo
Allows you to sense small inductive changes from a coil, and use it as a sensor.
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-11-24 1442  
Control of a DC motors with H-Bridge chips
Control speed and direction of DC motors using H-Bridge chips such as the LMD18201

The setMotor procedure sets the duty cycle (0%-100%), direction and delay per % change ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-02-25 594  
Convert Sensirion
Object for converting the output of the Sensirion SHT11 to a more usable form.
1.0 Peter Quello 2007-03-27 266  
Counter module documentation and example to synthesize frequencies on pin 0 and pin 1.
1.0.2 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-10 1184  
Date/Time contains two objects to handle calendar dates and times. Demos are provided to show the function of each method. One handles a byte string with year, month, day, hour, ...
1.0 Bob Belleville 2007-04-19 292  
DCC Driver
Driver for Model Railroad DCC (Digital Command Control)controller. This low-level driver output packets in the NMRA (National Model Railroad Assoc.) standard format. External circuitry can be used to interface to ...
1.0 Chuck Davis 2007-08-24 0  
Debug LCD
Propeller Debugging via Parallax Serial LCD.
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 1360  
DS1302 timekeeping chip driver
Driver for DS1302. demo with TV_TEXT
1.1 Daniel Robert 2007-05-08 681  
DS1620 object with SHIFTIN/SHIFTOUT SPI command capability and temperature display on a Parallax serial LCD.
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 1201  
Dynamic Math Lib
A modified version of Float32Full that allocates cogs dynamically. Somewhat slower than the original, but only uses up one cog, and can be shared between multiple objects. Just call it ...
1.0 matteo borri 2006-11-15 701  
Eight Talking Cogs
Eight Talking Cogs is an educational program that demonstrates simultaneous and continuous Cog-to-Cog and Cog-to-PC communication in both synchronized and independent Cog operation. Eight Talking Cogs utilize BS2 Function Library ...
1.3 Jim Coleman 2007-03-12 634  
Extended Full Duplex Serial
Extends out FullDuplexSerial to allow reception of character strings that end in a carriage return for decimal, hexadecimal and alpha-numeric uses. Allows use of timeout values. This version also allows ...
1.1 Martin Hebel 2007-01-28 1066  
FAT16 routines with secure digital card layer
This contains the full set of code you need to read and write files to secure digital cards in a way that is compatible with your PC.

A FAT16 filesystem ...

1.5 Tomas Rokicki 2007-04-07 610  
FemtoBasic is a simple Basic interpreter for the Propeller. It supports a keyboard and either a VGA or TV display as well as an optional SD card with PC compatible ...
1.4 Michael Green 2007-04-10 530  
Floating Point
IEEE-754 compliant Propeller floating point math package for functions callable by both Spin and assembler code. Contains Float32, Float32Full, Float32A and documentation. (updated: ATAN, POW, COS, SIN, moved: FMOD)
1.3 Cam Thompson 2007-04-06 370  
Floating Point Demo
Floating point math demo uses tv_terminal, FloatMath and FloatString objects.
1.0.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-24 989  
This is an update to the FloatString object. It adds the FloatToFormat routine to return a string of up to 9 characters with the specified number of decimal points. (e.g ...
1.1 Cam Thompson 2006-07-14 865  
Frequency Synthesis
Allows you to generate two independent frequencies per COG from DC to 125MHz using the two specialized counters.
1.1 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-11-24 1816  
Full Duplex Serial
Full duplex asynchronous serial object.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-03-01 1351  
GameCube Controller
Basic interface to a standard GameCube Controller. includes demo that displays controller data on a TV
1.2 Claude Hertel (CJ) 2007-03-08 286  
Draw bitmap and vector graphics. Demo shows many possibilities at once.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-24 1990  
H48C Tri-Axis Accelerometer
Interface to the H48C Tri-Axis Accelerometer. The included demo displays orientation graphically on a TV.
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2007-08-11 0  
Runs one or two HB-25 motor controllers from a single IO pin.
1.4 Claude Hertel (CJ) 2006-11-28 824  
Used to determine if your Propeller is functioning correctly, or just to add some cool lights to your project.
1.0 Peter Quello 2007-02-24 1224  
HM55B Propeller Compass Demo
Demonstrates the use of the HM55B Compass module.
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-09-11 795  
HYDRA Source Code Teaser
Included within the HYDRA Demos Source Teaser are complete source code to a number of demos/games that you will learn how to develop with the HYDRA Game Development Kit and/or ...
1.0 Andre' LaMothe 2007-04-24 236  
i2c Object and examples
This is an i2c Object library v1.3 for the Propeller including several device examples.
1.3 James Burrows 2006-07-27 2035  
ILM-216 2x16 Legacy LCD
The Legacy ILM-216 LCD display is supported in a Spin object. The ILM-216 uses a different set of control functions and requires inverted data and relaxed timing due to its ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-01-31 306  
Inductive Sensor Demo
Similar to the 'Coil Demo' previously posted, this application allows you to use a much larger range of coils/inductors down to a few uH using fewer components than the previous ...
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-07-07 1090  
IR Kit
IR Kit contain objects to get and buffer key codes from virtually any IR remote, identify and obtain timing information, transmit IR codes, and understand IR transmission codes. (IR_kit.zip)
1.0 Bob Belleville 2007-03-15 516  
IR Remote
The IR_Remote.spin object receives and decodes keycodes from a TV remote control. The procedure to read and decode is run in a separate cog. This eliminates the big problem of ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-03-06 474  
IR Transmit
Counter A is used to send Sony TV remote codes to an IR led (Parallax #350-00017). The test program uses a Panasonic IR Receiver (Parallax #350-00014) to receive and decode ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-03-09 367  
Standard PC keyboard driver.
1.0.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-07-14 1298  
Keyboard driver for both Hydra and Demo Board
This is a slightly modified version of the keyboard driver included with the Propeller Tool. Rather than being passed the pin numbers of the clock and data pins the 1st ...
2.0 Michael Green 2007-04-04 447  
KS0108 128x64 parallel lcd driver W character disp
This is a parallel driver for the ks0108/0107 chip. Main routine updates lcd about 100 times a second from main memory. The characters are then written into main memory. This ...
1.1 Erik Friesen 2007-06-02 135  
L298 PWM Motor Control
The L298 chip is used for direction and PWM motor speed control. The objects have been tested using two motors. A dedicated cog is used to maintain the PWM stream. ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-02-25 508  
LCD Driver HD44780 16x2 4 bit 8 bit DEMO
LCD Driver HD44780 16x2 -- 4 bit or 8 bit -- DEMO for each modeVery well documented with schematics and clean code easy to use. Contains everything to support a ...
1.0 Simon Ampleman 2006-11-22 922  
LCD parallel demo using the Hitachi HD44780 LCD
4 line by 20 character LCD dsiplayLCD parallel demo using the Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller.V1.2 Made some changes to the LCDDEMO object to allow custom characters to change them on ...
1.2 Steve Almond 2007-04-22 521  
max 1270
uses the max 1270 adc , old file was for the 1272.. sorry
1.1 Dan Miller 2007-08-08 1045  
Max 1202 Object. This is for use with the Max 1202 8 channel ADC with 3.3 volt interface.
It also contains a demo object to test your ADC. Version 1.0 ...
1.0 James Long 2006-11-24 768  
This project is my first project oon the propellor. It controls 2 Max6956 IC's on I2C. The MAX6956 is a 20-/28-port LED driver with a resistor-set LEDcurrent limit and digital ...
1.0 Robert Jan Wiepkes 2006-11-24 681  
MCP3208 12-bit/8-channel ADC
Interface to MCP3208 12-bit / 8-channel ADC. Also provides up to two 12-bit sigma-delta DACs.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2007-08-11 1  
Memsic 2125 Dual Axis Accelerometer
Written in Propeller Assembly uses a 'cordic' routine to convert x and y tilt information into polar coordinates. Output is RAW data, but can easily be resolved into acceleration (ro) ...
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-11-24 1017  
Microphone to Headphones
Microphone is sampled and the results are played on headphones.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-05-17 1104  
Microphone to VGA
Microphone is sampled and the results are displayed on a VGA monitor, just like an oscilloscope with triggering.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-05-17 1118  
The MidiIn object supports receiving and parsing a standard MIDI stream, making the MIDI events available to the user in a very easy to use form. Complete documentation is included.
1.0 Tom Dimock 2007-06-04 183  
View memory hex dumps via a terminal.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-05-01 1523  
Motor Minder
Motor_Minder monitors the speed and revolution count of a motor using a shaft encoder.
It was tested with the Melexis 90217 Hall-Effect Sensor (Parallax 605-00005) and a single
magnet mounted ...
1.0 Thomas Doyle 2007-03-06 322  
Standard mouse driver. Supports up to five-button mice.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-01 1294  
N64 Controller
This is an object for reading a standard N64 controller. includes a test program that displays the controller data on a TV.
1.2 Claude Hertel (CJ) 2007-03-08 238  
NES Controller Object
An object and a test program to read a Nintendo NES or SuperNES controller. One method returns the status of the buttons. Auto detects type of controller. Another method checks ...
2.0 John Abshier 2006-08-25 643  
Nordic nRF2401 Rf Tranceiver Handler
This is a basic handler for the Nordic nRF2401 2.4 GHz tranceiver. Modules are sold at various vendors (SparkFun, QKits, and others). The TRF24G.spin module handles the device, the NordicDemo.spin ...
1.0 allen marincak 2007-05-12 164  
Converts values in variables (longs) to strings and vice-versa in any base from 2 to 16. Some features include:
* Supports full 32-bit signed values,
* Converts ...
1.0 Jeff Martin (Parallax) 2006-11-27 587  
Octal 256-Bit DAC
Object to control an Octal 256-Bit DAC (AD8803)
1.0 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-11-24 873  
Parallel LCD Driver
Parallel lcd driver for using a HD44780 based 4 x 20 parallel lcd in 4 bit mode. Has some wiring diagrams in it for my ( generic ) 4 x ...
1.0 Dan Miller 2006-08-17 1161  
This is similar to BS2_Functions' Pause routine.
1.0 Peter Quello 2006-09-15 597  
PC Debug Test & Blink LED Demo
A BlinkLED.spin file and a PCDebugTest, with two articles by Jon Williams.
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 1150  
PING))) Demo
The Ping Object demonstrates how to interface and read the distance of an object from the Parallax PING))) Sensor.
1.1 Chris Savage (Parallax) 2007-03-28 310  
Playstation 2 Controller Emulator
This object emulates a Playstation 2 Dual Shock controller. Run five wires between the Propeller and a Playstation or Playstation 2 console, and the Propeller can impersonate a controller. Use ...
1.0 Micah Dowty 2007-08-04 4  
Propeller Life
Propeller demo cellular automaton based on John Conway's Game of Life. Fun to watch! Click on the samples provided in the app, or roll your own. Works great on the ...
1.0 Ken Pitts 2007-02-28 290  
Propeller Loader
This object lets a Propeller chip load up another Propeller chip in the same way the PC normally does.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-13 145  
Quadrature Encoder
Reads 1 to 16 two-bit gray-code quadrature encoders and provides 32-bit absolute position values for each and optionally provides delta position support (value since last read) for up to 16 ...
1.0 Jeff Martin (Parallax) 2006-11-27 687  
RC Time
R/C timing demonstration using multiple objects (tv, graphics, numbers).
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 956  
Real Random
This object generates real random numbers by stimulating and tracking CTR PLL jitter. It requires one cog and at least 20MHz.
1.2 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2007-03-23 657  
Sensirion Demo
The Sensirion Demo reads values from the Sensirion SHT-11 module and displays temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint using vga-text or tv-text. The calculations are a good example of using the ...
1.0 Cam Thompson 2006-07-14 854  
Serial LCD
Driver for Parallax Serial LCDs (#27976, #27977, #27979).
1.0 Jon Williams 2007-08-11 0  
A FullDuplexSerial enhancement that allows a single serial connection to be used from within multiple spin files. Primarily aimed as a debugging aid, this file also illustrates how to use ...
07.05.10 Mirror 2007-08-19 2  
Spin only 4 servo controller. Motions can be controlled from one pulse width to another over a fixed period of time.
1.0 Bob Belleville 2006-08-29 1103  
Control up to 32 servos without external hardware.
1.2 Beau Schwabe (Parallax) 2006-11-24 1669  
Seven-segment display
General-purpose seven-segment display object. Can control from one to eight digits.
1.0 Steve Nicholson 2007-01-05 547  
Simple Debug
Starts UART object in a cog at specified baud rate for debug, using FullDuplex.spin.
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 1157  
Simple Numbers
Provides simple numeric conversion methods; all methods return a pointer to a string.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2007-08-11 132  
Simple Serial
Bit-bang serial driver for low baud rate (~19.2K) devices.
* This driver is designed to be method-compatible with the FullDuplex serial object, allowing it to be used when high ...
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2007-08-11 1625  
Singing (16th Century, 4-part Harmony)
This is a quick demo which runs 4 VocalTract objects concurrently to sing a 4-part harmony from the 16th century. It also uses the StereoSpatializer object (which is very under-utilized ...
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-10-27 986  
Singing (Seven)
This is a quick demo which runs 4 VocalTract objects concurrently to sing a 4-part harmony of the number seven.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-10-28 988  
Sony IR Decoder
Implements some of the ideas in Andy Lindsay's IR Remote for the Boe Bot in propeller spin. Decodes five bits from a Sony IR TV remote and provides for displaying ...
1.0 John Fisher 2007-02-26 337  
Spare COGs
Silly and simple...
I wanted to monitor COG usage and see what COGs were assigned, when they are released and how many I have spare.
This object has 2 functions ...
1.0 Alex Mackinnon 2007-05-18 165  
Spin Stamp Code for the Boe-Bot
Learn spin code with the Spin Stamp and the Board of Education BOT. The first three chapters of Andy Lindsay’s “Robotics with the Boe-Bot” plus objects from his PEK Labs ...
1.0 Jim Coleman 2007-06-22 114  
Stack Length
Measures utilization of user-defined stack. This can be used to determine actual run-time stack requirements for an object in development.
1.0 Jeff Martin (Parallax) 2006-11-27 521  
Stereo Spatializer
This object spatializes up to four monaural audio sample streams into a time-conscious stereo sound field with angle and depth controls for each channel. It requires one cog and at ...
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-10-21 743  
The Timer Object demonstrates the internal use of Propeller's counter for timing-specific applications.
1.0 Jon Williams 2006-11-24 1245  
TSL230 Driver
This object and demo interfaces the TSL230 light to freq. converter to the Propeller.

For more info, see "BASIC Stamp Experiments using the TSL230 by Mark Hughes" at http://www.parallax.com/dl/docs/prod/compshop/tsl230.pdf

1.0 Peter Quello 2006-10-21 692  
Generate NTSC/PAL displays with optional broadcast and aural subcarrier.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-01 1546  
TV Terminal
Use an NTSC TV as a terminal/debugging interface.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-07-14 1308  
TV Text
This is a derivative of TV Terminal but uses the Propeller’s internal font and uses much less memory.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-13 1632  
ummc file system
ummc_fsys contains objects to read and write binary, text, and comma separated files in either FAT16 or FAT32 format on a SD or MMC type flash memory card. It uses ...
1.0 Bob Belleville 2007-03-29 446  
uMP3 Player Simple Interface
Simple interface object to Rogue Robotics uMP3 card. This is a very easy to use MP3 player card with a TTL compatible UART serial interface. The object plays songs on ...
1.0 Scott Gray 2007-06-02 131  
uOLED-128 LCD Driver
This is an object to control the uOLED-128 from dontronics. www.dontronics-shop.com - 128x128 pixels- 1.5 inch- Serial interface - 2 pins to interface tx rx- 65536 colors- LCD with Backlight ...
1.0 Simon Ampleman 2006-11-27 624  
V2Xe cog demo
This file starts a cog and returns the heading output of the V2Xe compass module.
1.0 Jonathan Peakall 2007-05-31 87  
VEX Receiver Demultiplexer
De-multiplexes VEX receiver output into 6 channel pulse time outputs (in microseconds).
1.0 Scott Gray 2007-05-31 158  
VGA display driver. Can use internal Propeller font.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-01 1437  
VGA 1280x1024 Tile Driver w/Cursor
This object generates a 1280x1024 VGA display from a 80x64 array of 16x16-pixel 4-color tiles.

It requires three cogs (or four with optional cursor enabled) and at least 80 MHz.

0.9 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-22 146  
VGA 1600x1200 Tile Driver w/Cursor
This object generates a 1600x1200 VGA display from a 100x75 array of 16x16-pixel 4-color tiles.

It requires six cogs (or seven with optional cursor enabled) and at least 80 MHz.

0.9 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-23 148  
VGA 512x384 Bitmap
This object generates a 512x384 pixel bitmap, signaled as 1024x768 VGA. Each pixel is one bit, so the entire bitmap requires 512 x 384 / 32 longs, or 6,144 longs ...
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-06-06 349  
VGA HiRes Text
This object generates a 1024x768 VGA signal which contains 128 columns x 64 rows of 8x12 characters. Each row can have a unique forground/background color combination and each character can ...
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-11-04 482  
VGA Text
Similar to TV Text, but uses a VGA display at 32 columns by 15 rows.
1.0 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-05-21 947  
I wanted a high resolution graphics mode that would work on my 8.4" TFT LCD monitor - which can only sync to 640x480. Since the propeller does not have enough ...
1.0 William Henning 2007-02-04 344  
Video Overlay 256x192 pixels
Allows you to create a video overlay of 256x192 pixels. Supports two text sizes 8x8 (32x24 characters) or 16x32 (16x6 characters). Also has routines to draw lines and filled circles.


1.0 Terry Hitt 2006-12-20 964  
Vocal Tract
This object synthesizes a human vocal tract in real-time. It requires one cog and at least 80 MHz.
1.1 Chip Gracey (Parallax) 2006-10-30 389  
XBee Transciever AT-API Object
An object for communicating with MaxStream's XBee transcievers in both transparent (AT) and API mode. API mode involves packetized data with information such as sender's addy and RSSI levels. Example ...
1.1 Martin Hebel 2007-07-08 179